Using our 4C-Transformation Cycle we identify your needs and transfer them into a sustainable collaboration with effective measures.

The Purpose

We don't want to buy ourselves into a lifetime consulting mandate. Rather, we develop the most sensible measures possible to drive your transformation in the desired direction. We understand implementation as a process in which we learn and grow together. And at the end of this process we decide whether and how we want to continue the collaboration.

1 Contact

We want to get to know you and your organization - and you want to get to know us. This is an important basis for trust and the first impression of what your need is. Do our competences match your individual challenge?

2 Co-Creation

We would like to conduct an individual needs analysis. The first step is to identify the challenges facing your organization and formulate concrete goals. What is your development goal and the next possible development step?

3 Contract

At this point, we would like to establish an agreement on cooperation. We define the project team, responsibilities and measures. Which competences and roles contribute to the achievement of the objectives?

4 Co-Evolution

The fourth step is implementation. For quality control we use feedback loops with all participants. Has there been enough Groove in the organization to develop on its own?


Our projects show you the main subjects in which we support organizations. Every organization is faced with challenges and questions, which in turn require individual measures and development steps.

Fusion: Development of a common organizational culture

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Organizational development as part of the digital transformation

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More Teamspirit in a Non-Profit Organization

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