Essentials are skills that create the basis for agility in organizations.

Essentials are skills that are indispensable in digital transformation.

Essentials are skills that enable a trusting and innovative culture in everyday professional life.

Essentials are skills that can be applied by everyone using simple methods.

Our Be in touch Essentials

Essentials are six core skills that lend collaboration the power to change organizational culture. Skills that prepare your organization for the changing work environments caused by digital and social change. Each Essential can transform the culture in your organization in such a way that it becomes more capable of learning and development.

Successful organizations are characterized by a culture in which people enjoy learning together and growing personally – across functional and hierarchical boundaries. When we observe organizations that successfully implement the Essentials, we see satisfied employees, transparent exchange, innovation, performance improvement and agility.

In the form of webinars, workshops and consulting, we support you in establishing the Essentials in your organization and your team.


As a basic learning pattern, feedback increases the speed of learning and encourages the development of people in organisations.

Reduce Complexity

Simplicity and focus is a prerequisite for doing the right things instead of getting lost in tedious details.

The Power of Questions

Whether as a manager or in a team, if you ask the right questions, you are heading in the right direction.

Speak up

Diversity in organizations only comes to life when people are able to contribute their different perspectives and points of view.


The Engagement Index in organizations increases when people follow their own development plan rather than being measured by performance alone.


Rooms for experimenting and decision-making competence create a culture of participation for the people in organizations. This motivates people and creates purpose.

Get to know our methods with which you can establish Essentials in your company.