Breaking the silos with an organizational culture that drives innovation


2 Years

Chemical Industry

Cultural Transformation


  • Shortening innovation cycles in a highly competitive market
  • Cultural development from top-down hierarchical (tearing down silo walls) to cross-functional and agile
  • Replacing ineffective, rigid patterns with flexible, customer-centric forms of collaboration
  • Multi-perspectivity in innovation management
  • Evolution of the leadership mindset: Empowerment of employees and improved use of resources. Change competence and moderation of sustainable development processes

What habe we achieved?

  • Intensified cooperation between regions and functions
  • Implementation of Otto Scharmer's theory U as an innovation and problem solving process
  • Increased leadership at the level of customer-centric innovation and problem-solving
  • Introduction of new, more effective forms of cooperation across regions and functional boundaries
  • Shifting the expert culture towards a culture of joint design and solution orientation

1 Contact

First meeting with the project owner and the HR of the client.

2 Co-Creation

Management of the consulting team, which goes into contract clarification with the project owner and develops architectures, designs and methods.

3 Contract

Management of the consulting team. Implementation of multi-level organizational development. Inclusion of 300 executives starting from the Board of Directors. Staffing: International consulting team for Germany and China.

4 Co-Evolution

2-year joint development process with workshops and large group events in Germany and China, case work and Theory U by Otto Scharmer. Continuous coordination with the client, evaluation and adaptation of the methods.