Moderation for the development of a vision and a mission statement


1 Month

European Trade

Organizational Development


  • Development of vision, mission and values as a prelude to the development of a company-wide mission statement with the managing directors from the European countries
  • Commitment among European countries to vision, mission and values. Definition of a mission statement
  • Action plan for designing a company-wide mission statement development

What have we achieved?

  • Mission statement for the Group
  • Commitment of the Managing Directors
  • Adoption of an action plan for the implementation of the mission statement process

1 Contact

First meeting with the HR and Corporate Communications managers as process champions.

2 Co-Creation

Briefing and development of ideas for the start of the mission statement process. Initial workshop ideas and definition of goals.

3 Contract

Conclusion of contract: multi-stage improvement and release of the workshop concept. Clarification of the general conditions, commissioning the organization of the workshop: Invitations to participants, material procurement.

4 Co-Evolution

Implementation of the workshop, securing the results through documentation, subsequent feedback with evaluation of the results, the workshop and the collaboration.