More team spirit in a non - profit organization


7 Month

Humanitarian Aid

Team Development


  • Survey of the team climate
  • Improving the team climate where the survey reveals weaknesses
  • Clarification of responsibilities and processes
  • Better interaction between management and teams

What have we achieved?

  • Documentation of the mood in the organization after survey using F2F and telephone interviews
  • Presentation of the results to teams, management and board of directors
  • Derivation and implementation of concrete measures derived from the mood
  • Improvement of internal communication and coordination
  • Clear roles and responsibilities

1 Contact

Meeting and first briefing with executive board and management.

2 Co-Creation

Development and presentation of a project plan: From surveying the mood to the implementation of the measures at team level.

3 Contract

Approval of the concept and coordination of the mood survey, clarification of interfaces, budgeting and staffing.

4 Co-Evolution

Conducting the interviews, evaluating the answers of the mood survey, preparing the results for presentation to the board, recommendation for the implementation of concrete measures and their execution including evaluation.