Organizational development as part of the digital transformation


3 Years

B2B Trading Company

Cultural Development


  • Change in management culture in Europe in coordination with the Group Executive Board
  • Development of the leadership effect and cross-functional or cross-location cooperation along the digital strategy
  • Changed management behaviour at divisional and team level: More empowerment and responsibility, promoting cross-functional collaboration, leading with the core values of the company, role modelling

What have we achieved?

  • More intensive internal dialogue on the questions: What makes us effective as managers? What doesn’t? What leadership styles will we need in the future? Where do we need to adapt leadership styles - functionally and geographically?
  • Cultural change in the Group from classic top-down to stronger bottom-up communication and cross-functional cooperation
  • Shifting management focus to employee development
  • Emerging error culture: Learning organization instead of blame game
  • More self-reflection of the leadership about its leadership effect

1 Contact

First meeting with German management and HR development.

2 Co-Creation

Workshop 1 with concretisation of the assignment: What does the target culture look like? Where are we from? What makes change possible? What measures do we believe are appropriate to achieve this?

Workshop 2: Deepening common understanding: Where do we stand? What change do we perceive? How do we define the target culture? What is the next step in the development of leadership?

3 Contract

Conclusion of contract: Conception of various development measures in consultation with the Group Executive Board, HR Development and Global HR.

4 Co-Evolution

3-year joint development process, feedback loops with Global HR, HR Development and the consulting team. Evaluation of the respective milestones, lessons learnt, adjustments and changes, definition of next steps. Leadership of Tomorrow workshops for all management levels.